Step into the realm of The Impaler & The Concubines and embark on an eternal journey of darkness with us. Our bookings page offers you the opportunity to become a part of our seductive world through personal photoshoots for your own erotic gothic content creation.

Additionally, businesses and entertainment platforms can explore commercial bookings for the iconic Impaler car, perfect for business promotions, music videos, and collaborations. Dive into the allure of our brand and unleash your darkest fantasies. To join our Fansly Concubines team, Fansly photoshoots and more information, visit our dedicated Fansly page. Be sure to check out our FAQs for any queries.

Photoshoot Booking Form

Welcome to our Personal Photoshoot Booking form, your portal to step into the captivating realm of The Impaler & The Concubines. Here, you can reserve your spot to create your OWN mesmerizing content that reflects your unique sensual style and gothic vision. Let's collaborate to bring your creative dreams to reality!

Fill out the form below TODAY to commence your journey with The Impaler. Let's capture your unique vision amidst the seductive allure of our brand.

Commercial Booking Form

Welcome to our Commercial Bookings Form. Here, businesses, music video directors, and entertainment platforms can express their interest in collaborating with The Impaler for promotional activities, music videos, and special events. Let's bring your vision to life with the dark allure of The Impaler.

About Us

Welcome to The Impaler's Lair! Based in Antioch, California, we are a timeless homage to Bram Stoker's Dracula and the decadent darkness it embodies. The decadent and dramatic show truck, The Impaler, embarks on an eternal journey through California's car scene, accompanied by The Concubines – forever entwined on this captivating journey. Join The Impaler and The Concubines today to check out the car, book a photoshoot, and embrace the allure of darkness with the Fansly Team. Join us on this eternal journey TODAY!