Welcome to the FAQs page for The Impaler & The Concubines! Here, we've compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our iconic show truck, The Impaler, and the mesmerizing Concubines. Whether you're curious about booking a photoshoot, meeting The Impaler in person, or joining our Fansly Team, you'll find all the information you need right here. Explore our FAQs to learn more about our eternal journey into darkness and decadence."

Who can book a shoot?

Anyone interested in booking a shoot with The Impaler & The Concubines can do so, whether you're a model, photographer, or enthusiast. We welcome individuals who share our passion for gothic erotica and wish to be part of our captivating journey. Please check out our Bookings Page for full details.

How do I book a shoot?

Booking a shoot is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out our Photoshoot Bookings Form available on our website. This form is essential for initiating the booking process and ensuring all necessary details are captured. Once submitted, our team will review your request and get in touch to confirm the details and finalize the booking.

What To Expect on the Day?

Get ready for a day of enchantment and creativity! Our friendly and experienced team is here to bring your gothic erotic vision to life. We aim to make your experience relaxed and enjoyable, ensuring you leave with cherished memories and stunning content. Let loose, have fun, and embrace the magic of The Impaler & The Concubines.

We're dedicated to helping you create the ultimate dream shoot. Props and costumes will be available (please inquire beforehand for availability), and we'll provide basic refreshments to keep you energized. For Fansly Shoots, content remains exclusive to The Impaler & The Concubines Fansly account.

What are the types of shoots?

  • Personal shoots for OWN content (Adult and Non-Adult, gothic erotica themed): These shoots are tailored to individual preferences, allowing models to express their unique style within the gothic erotica theme.
  • Shoots for Fansly Contracts and Concubines content (Adult): Exclusive shoots for models signed to the Fansly account, producing content specifically for The Impaler & The Concubines Fansly account.
  • The Impaler is available for commercial use, including business promotion, music videos, and themed events and shoots like Halloween.

Who reserves the rights to the images?

  • For Fansly shoots, Ray retains the image rights, but don't worry, he'll provide you with a small promotional package of images to help promote your content and the Fansly account.
  • For personal booked shoots for your own content, you have the image rights, but Ray retains the image usage rights for non-commercial purposes such as portfolio, marketing, and in some cases, social media.

What is The Concubines Fansly Team?

The Concubines Fansly Team consists of models who create exclusive content for The Impaler & The Concubines Fansly account, offering subscribers a glimpse into the seductive world of The Impaler & The Concubines.

How Do I join the Fansly Team?

To join the Fansly Team, individuals must contact Ray Douglas for further information and discussion. Opportunities may be available for models interested in contributing to The Impaler & The Concubines Fansly account.

Is there a Fansly Contract?

Yes, there is a Fansly contract for models signed to the Fansly account, outlining terms and conditions for content creation and distribution on The Impaler & The Concubines Fansly account.

Are photoshoots professional?

Yes, all photoshoots are directed and produced by Ray Douglas, ensuring a professional and organized approach to every shoot. Designated Pro Photographers/Videographers are involved to maintain high-quality standards.

What is the process of a shoot?

To book a photoshoot, you MUST use the Photoshoot Bookings Form, ensuring a streamlined process and clear communication of expectations. Each shoot is meticulously planned and executed to ensure a seamless experience for all involved.

What are the expenses covered by Ray Douglas for a shoot?

Expenses covered by Ray for a photoshoot package include:

  • booking location
  • crew expenses
  • exclusive professional photographers
  • light refreshments and amenities
  • editing services
  • digital content creation
  • provision of specific props and costumes (prior discussion needed for availability)
  • VIP treatment for participants
  • detailing of the car prior to the shoot if needed
  • and potential rental fees for outdoor locations or studio spaces.

Where is the location of shoots?

The Impaler & The Concubines is based in Antioch, California. Shoot locations vary, offering diverse settings ranging from spooky cemeteries and atmospheric outdoor locations to professional indoor spaces booked by Ray Douglas. These locations are carefully chosen to enhance the gothic aesthetic of the shoots.

Is there a non-appearance fee for shoots and events?

Yes, a non-appearance fee of $100 is payable to Ray Douglas.

  • Three days' notice must be given for all bookings that have been confirmed for photoshoots and events booking forms. If not, the fee is payable.
  • Two non-appearances will mean that you cannot work with The Impaler & The Concubines again due to inconsistent engagement.
  • These non-appearance fees are also stated in booking forms and contracts.

Do we get paid for shoots?

Compensation varies based on several factors:

  • Non-influencers with under 50K followers do not receive monetary compensation but may opt for a trade of photos for modelling services. Ray invests significantly in shoots, covering various expenses.
  • ONLY models who are creating content for The Impaler & The Concubines Fansly account are compensated based on a structured pay scale for photoshoots. For models with accounts exceeding 50K followers, there will be a monetary compensation, discussed individually per model. For models with under 50K followers compensation is discussed and either trading services and/or a small compensation and will be assessed per model
  • It is important to note that "over 50K followers per account", is NOT collectively over your social media accounts but followers on a SINGLE account. Preferred social media platforms include Instagram and Twitter.
  • All production crew members are paid per shoot, reflecting the professionalism and dedication of the team.
  • Additionally, fees may apply for certain types of shoots, compensating for the extensive resources and services provided.

Is there fees?

Yes, fees may apply for personally booked shoots for OWN content, which will be discussed individually based on the specific requirements and scope of the shoot. These fees cover various expenses, ensuring the success and quality of each shoot. Please check out the Bookings Page and our Terms of Service for more information.

Where Do I find the booking form for shoots?

You can find the booking form for shoots on the website [here]. This form is essential for initiating the booking process and ensuring all necessary details are captured.

Want to catch a glimpse of The Impaler at a car show? Can you bring your camera? Absolutely!

Yes, indeed! The Impaler loves strutting its stuff at car shows, delighting fans and enthusiasts alike with its captivating presence. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture every angle of this mesmerizing vehicle! And guess what? While you're there, be sure to collect your black rose – a symbol of your encounter with The Impaler & The Concubines!

Is the Impaler available for commercial shoots/promotions?

Yes, The Impaler is available for commercial shoots, promotions, music videos, and business promotions. Please contact Ray Douglas for inquiries regarding availability and pricing for commercial use.

Does the merchandise ship internationally?

No, merchandise is only shipped within the USA. However, international fans can still enjoy digital content from the Concubines Fansly account and other offerings available online.

How long does shipping take in the USA?

Orders typically take 1-7 days to process, after which shipping times may vary depending on the chosen shipping method. Customers will receive tracking information once their order has been processed. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for further information.

What is the Refunds Policy and Shipping Policy?

For information on refunds and shipping policies, customers can refer to the Refunds Policy and Shipping Policy pages on the website. These policies outline the terms and conditions governing refunds, shipping times, and other relevant details for a transparent and seamless shopping experience.

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Welcome to The Impaler's Lair! Based in Antioch, California, we are a timeless homage to Bram Stoker's Dracula and the decadent darkness it embodies. The decadent and dramatic show truck, The Impaler, embarks on an eternal journey through California's car scene, accompanied by The Concubines – forever entwined on this captivating journey. Join The Impaler and The Concubines today to check out the car, book a photoshoot, and embrace the allure of darkness with the Fansly Team. Join us on this eternal journey TODAY!